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Disability Access

The law requires organisations to make reasonable adjustments to their premises in order to provide equal access to disabled people.

The law requires organisations to make reasonable adjustments to their premises in order to provide equal access to disabled people.  However, while this legislation is designed to prevent a disabled person being treated less favourably on the basis of their disability, our Inclusive Development Specialist Ian McCleave, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the disability sector, regularly comes across access solutions which continue to segregate people by creating seperate systems of entry and egress. These poorly conceived solutions fail to recognise the real difficulties faced by disabled people and often rely on a patronising overuse of signage rather than designing an environment which embraces everyone as equal.

This combination of relevant experience and building management expertise, along with a pragmatic approach, allows APS to create truly inclusive environments which achieve maximum effectiveness from your available budget. We define our pragmatic approach as recognising that the legislation is about people not properties and that the aim is always to achieve a balanced approach to accessibility, developing environments which are completely seamless without spoiling the intrinsic appeal of the building itself, thereby allowing people to visit your properties, interact with your organisation and leave safely.

It is this critical component of safe evacuation, which is so often overlooked when considering access. It is crucial that provision is made for the safe evacuation of disabled people in the event of an emergency. Working with our Fire Safety Officer, Advanced Project Solutions are able to prepare Fire Risk Assessments with a genuine understanding of the conditions and circumstances disabled people are likely to face.

The APS Report, when produced, will allow a Schedule of Works to be compiled in order to assess the costs for implementing any recommended adjustments, give an order of priorities for the adjustments and in addition a Visual Representation (NTS) detailing the facilities provided at each property. We will evaluate your current position, where you need to be and what you need to do in order to achieve the requirements of the legislation.

We will work with your whole team, ensuring that emergency procedures and adaptions are understood by everybody to ensure that your organisation can begin to combat the attitudinal barriers which are at the heart of many discrimination claims.  We are confident that this holistic approach means that we deliver an unrivalled service to the highest professional standards. Whether you are responsible for a single building or a complete property portfolio, APS will deliver maximum effectiveness in meeting the requirements of the legislation together with presenting and offering due consideration to the business case and the available budget.

Finally, we do not just give you a Report and disappear into the ether.

We are there to support you every step of the way.

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